LED Super Screens boasts Alan Harvey designed LED screen-mounted trucks.

Alan’s passion for LED Super Screens has guided the design and implementation of mobile LED screen technology. Each of these units are well presented, operationally effective with ergonomics and safety being a main feature in the marriage of hydraulic, vehicle and large screen.

The knowledge collected in the design of these integrated vehicles, combined with the operation and maintenance of these assets over 15 years, is unmatched by any service provider in Australia.

Technical Capacity

The combination of Daktronics SMD screen technologies and LED Super Screens vehicle mounting systems provides a great depth of service delivery.

Underpinning LED Super Screens’ technical capacity is established relationships with market-leading engineering and truck body builders formed throughout eight successful vehicle-screen constructions. This capacity will provide all clients with the delivery of the “best of industry” mobile LED screen units.

The LED Super Screens fleet ensures a total event-fit, via the operational suitability of each vehicle finding balance in aesthetics, weight distribution and screen effectiveness. Screen placement will balance these objectives whilst providing a maximum return on investment.

Every LED Super Screens operator is a trained field service agent with the ability to repair or replace screen elements that could potentially fail on location – for example, each vehicle hosts a range of back-up equipment to cover any eventuality. It is our experience, training and the superior Daktronics product that will ensure that no “down time” will be experienced at any service location.

The LED Super Screens’ business is specifically set-up for the 7 day per week management of its fleet. The rigor of servicing vast areas of the eastern sea board has refined our preventative maintenance programs. Warehouses securely house vehicles whilst providing wash bays and dedicated maintenance facilities. Each individual piece of equipment is given a unique identifier allowing the tracking of this unit through its serviceable life.

The return of each vehicle to the LED Super Screens warehouse heralds a post event phase. On return, each vehicle/screen receives a detailed clean, a factory calibration and a diagnostics inspection. This preventative maintenance also includes the scheduled servicing of all mechanical elements including generators, hydraulic & electrical systems, and vehicle related servicing. This system is testament to Alan Harvey’s commitment to maintaining a service record that has never seen a screen failure during a service event.

In short, LED Super Screens’ technical capacities elicit client confidence every time a screen supply is procured.

Alan Harvey is very hands on and consistently operates these screens. This technical knowledge emanates from the top down, focusing on team member accountability and providing a system of quality control which sets LED Super Screens apart from all other mobile screen businesses in this country.

Most screen business owners do not actively participate in the design, operation and maintenance of their screens. This in itself sets a “best practice” tone for the LED Super Screens business.

Being a local equal opportunity employer, LED Super Screens has committed to the sustainable employment of many individuals whilst providing regular training and career development for each staff member. LED Super Screens is known for the professional and engaging attitudes of each of its staff, and provides for an enjoyable service experience for customers.

This highly qualified service platform ensures the stress of managing large events is minimised for LED Super Screen customers allowing them to focus on the major facets of their event spectacle.