A great screen for smaller functions and events. This unit can be moved with a minimum of fuss, on its removable wheels.
Other features of this unit are:
Adjustable screen height, short (10 min) set up time & can be used in/out doors (in full sunlight)

For the ultimate high resolution screen. Our trailer screens are ideal in locations where a moderate size screen with clean lines and the ability to integrate event signage is required. Set up time is approximately 30 minutes.

This 25sqm trailer mounted screen can be delivered to your site on a prime mover with generator, making the screen fully self sufficient. With a set up time of only 30 to 45 minutes. The screen is ideal for mid to large size sporting events, festivals, product launches and corporate functions. 

Our Mid size truck display with its 10mm pitch screen is only limited by your imagination as can be seen in the snap. With a set up time of approximately 20 minutes getting into and out of venues with tight timelines is not an issue.

Our Large truck display with its deluxe 10mm pitch screen is the best mobile truck display in Australia. The clarity of this screen has to be seen to be believed. Again with a set up time of 20 minutes tight timelines are no longer an issue for the event organiser.

When a truck or trailer display just wont cut it we have a great array of modular screen systems for your every need. Bult to your specifications by our highly skilled technicians.